Your entire festival, in one place

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Most applications for film festivals solve just one problem: a film submission form, a film database, a mailinglist, a task management app…

Resulting in festivals using a whole bunch of separate tools and trying wildly to string them all together.

Very few all-in-one solutions exist — and those are insanely expensive.

Sounds familiar?

Everything you need to organize your film festival

Access your festival data any time, anywhere. All your contacts, films, events, and every single aspect of your festival production at your fingertips.


Do more than you can imagine.


Every film festival is unique. Filmchief is designed to be customizable to meet all your requirements.

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Team up

Create user groups, share lists, delegate tasks. Filmchief provides many ways for your team to collaborate.

Here's how


Dynamic lists

With easy filter settings and table controls, you can organize the contents of any table, save it for future reference, and share it with your colleagues.

Static lists

You can build a list of hand-picked items, and share the list with your colleagues.

Flexible labels

Filmchief offers the unique possibility to manage labels for any type of data.

For example, your festival might rate films for their suitability for kids with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. But now you have a Kids special coming up, and you’d like to be a bit more specific. So you define a couple of age categories, create a filtered list of kid-friendly films and start tagging. It’s that simple.

Team and collaboration features

Assign tasks

You can delegate tasks to members of your team and receive an automatic notification when the job is done.

Share notes

Attach notes to any object in the database and notify the right people.

Send messages

Use the in-app messaging service to communicate quickly with your team members and other colleagues. Keeps internal communication centralized.

Review films

Assign lists of films to reviewers, who can easily watch and rate films. When in doubt, reviewers can pass films on to other reviewers. And Filmchief keeps track of each reviewer’s progress, so you always know what’s going on.

Unlimited accounts

We offer an unlimited number of user accounts. At no extra cost.


All your data is encrypted and continuously backed up. And you have full control on every user's authorizations.

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Security features

Filmchief employs a data safety and security model that protects your data in 3 ways:

  1. Protection agains data loss

    Filmchief keeps a complete history of every piece of data. Any modification to the database can be traced, found and recovered. Nothing is ever lost.

    Additionally, the entire database is backed up twice a day, and a full system back-up is created on a daily basis. Back-ups are automatically transferred to a remote location over 100 kilometres away from the data centers.

  2. Protection against unwanted access

    A fine-grained permission model allows administrators to control access (reading or writing) at role level (a role is a group of users who share a common function) or even specific users.

    All communication with our servers is encrypted using SSL/TLS, preventing wiretapping and keeping out intruders.

  3. Data integrity

    Filmchief constantly runs in-depth database scans for inconsistencies, duplicates, or empty records. Many tasks are performed fully automatic, while some tasks require human assistance. Reports and possible courses of action are presented in a friendly way.


Wherever you are, Filmchief is always there for you.


Desktops, tablets, smartphones… Filmchief always looks great and works on all devices.

Easy to learn and use

New employees will be working with Filmchief in no time.


If you need any help, just call or use the super handy feedback system.

Filmchief Hub: Stream your film festival online

This year has brought unprecendented challenges to film festivals around the world, and online streaming has become indispensable for most.

Developed in cooperation with the European Short Film Network (ESFN) and powered by Vimeo, Filmchief now offers a complete festival experience online.

Reliable & Secure

All streams are protected against downloading and embedding by Vimeo, and our platform further imposes geoblocking and other viewer restrictions to protect the intellectual property of your selected films.


Our flexible ticketing services make it possible to define and sell any number of festival passes and tickets for single screenings.

Engage your audience

Visitors can vote for audience awards, join live streams, and connect with organizations at the Industry Marketplace.


Save time and money

You’ll boost your productivity. In Filmchief, everything is just a few clicks away. Great navigation combined with a powerful search engine, you can’t go wrong.

No more mistakes

Your data will always be up to date. So no more copy-pasting and finding the right version of a document. You’ll always know where to look.

Environment friendly

Who needs paper in the cloud?

Oh, and we only use CO2 neutral servers.

Your process

Filmchief helps you out, all year through.

Below are some of the workflow processes Filmchief supports:

Call for entries

Event creation

Submission forms

Film handling

Review & selection

Invite reviewers

Watch and rate

Ratings insights


Managing shortlists

Tag and classify films

Export time schedules


High resolution stills

Edit catalogue content

Website integration (API)


Accreditation forms

Invite special guests

Compose guest lists


Guest pick-up service

Hotel and airport info

Arriving and departing guests


Film master details (technical specs)

Floor management

Export call sheets

Closing the books

Manage invoices

Evaluate sales



External partners

Distribution deals

Mass-mailing service


Additional services

Complex data structures can be… well, complex. ThisWayUp can help you out.

Migrate your existing data

If your festival has been around for some years, you will have collected quite some data. We can help you migrate everything into Filmchief.

Start fresh, without losing anything.

Synchronize your website

Your entire festival programming, time schedules, and film catalogue can be synced with Filmchief using the Filmchief API: a programmable layer between your website and Filmchief, which enables your website’s scripts to remotely access the database.

About the creators

Filmchief is a collaborative effort. The idea was initiated by two Dutch film festivals: Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen and Kaboom Animation Festival (formerly known as KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival).
Together with ThisWayUp, a young Netherlands-based web company, they transformed the idea into what it is now: an affordable all-in solution aimed at all festivals, small and large.


Programming and design

Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen

Cooperating festival

Kaboom Animation Festival

Cooperating festival


Filmchief comes in two flavors and an add-on license for Filmchief Hub. No matter what, you always get an unlimited number of user accounts, unlimited data traffic, and unlimited database size.


All the features most festivals need.


Advanced features, aimed at larger festivals.

Premium + Hub

Adds a complete online experience to your festival.


For more information and pricing details, please contact us any time.

Dennis Pasveer

Lead developer

Filmchief is a young and rapidly growing platform. New features are added regularly and will be published on this website.